Green leader for European defense policy: Baerbock wants to strengthen the Bundeswehr – politics


Annalena Baerbock, chairwoman of the Greens, has shown herself to be open to thinking about higher spending on defense and the armed forces. “There is a lack of night vision devices for practicing, not to mention flying lessons. We have to be honest about that. Yes, in some areas you have to invest more so that rifles can shoot and night vision devices work, ”said Baerbock of the“ Süddeutsche Zeitung ”.

Baerbock also called for a stronger joint European commitment in defense policy. “Europe has been revolving around itself for years, the Trump administration has turned its back on the world. Authoritarian states fill the gap that has emerged, ”she said.

If the West does not want to leave the field to states like China, Russia or Turkey, Europe must take its “peace role” in the world more seriously again.

In view of the imminent entry of the US Democrat Joe Biden into the White House, Baerbock pleaded for a new way of working with the US.

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In the event that the Greens participate in government, the party leader announced talks with French President Emmanuel Macron, including on robust European military operations. “It won’t be easy. But we mustn’t duck back, ”she said.

Regarding the dispute over German armaments expenditure, Baerbock said: “We first have to talk about a strategic realignment, then about the expenditure. It must also be about the capabilities of NATO and the specific burden sharing. A theoretical two percent target doesn’t really help. “

NATO has set itself the goal of each member state investing two percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) in its armed forces and equipment. Germany does not want to reach more than 1.5 percent by 2024. (AFP, dpa)

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