Grey’s Anatomy: replacement or show-off? Gage causes rumors about Ellen Pompeo


Is Ellen Pompeo in danger of being kicked out of “Grey’s Anatomy”? The rumor is currently going around, but it is much more likely that the show will end soon.

As reported by “”, Ellen Pompeo (51) is to be replaced in her hit series “Grey’s Anatomy”. The reason for this is that the actress is charging the equivalent of around 4.2 million more fees – in addition to the 16.7 million she already earns annually. Allegedly there are already plans for the future with a new doctor who was “cheaper” for the producers. But can that really be true?

Ellen Pompeo & Patrick Dempsey: Dispute over the fee

For years, Ellen Pompeo fought for fair pay. In 2018, she said in an interview in “Red Table Talk” that she always earned less than “McDreamy” Patrick Dempsey (54), even though she played the title character Meredith Gray. The two were played off against each other – and Patrick never showed interest in joint negotiations. Is Ellen Pompeo asking too much now?


Grey’s Anatomy
Why Justin Chambers’ exit marks the end of the series
After 15 years of loyalty, “Grey’s Anatomy” star Justin Chambers announced his exit in January – suddenly and without a conclusive explanation. The fans are outraged and the series makers get into a row.

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Does “Grey’s Anatomy” end after Season 17?

The fans of the series had to cope with countless exits, but “Grey’s Anatomy” without Meredith Gray is not only unimaginable for the audience, but also for the series inventor Shonda Rhimes (50). She made it clear to E News three years ago: “Ellen and I have a pact. The show will be on as long as we both want it. If she wants to stop, we’ll stop.” An agreement that the series could now doom.

During the 16th season, Justin Chambers (50), who had played the role of Alex Karev from the beginning, got out completely unexpectedly. The fans were appalled by the way he treated the actor and his sudden departure. A hit series like “Grey’s Anatomy” cannot afford another loss of this kind after 15 years of broadcasting time. The current season will be shortened anyway, as Corona makes shooting more difficult. It is possible that the authors are already working on an end. The series would certainly not work without Ellen Pompeo – a spin-off with a new doctor, as there was also for Kate Walsh (53) with “Private Practice”, would be conceivable.


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