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Josip Heit: The future of crypto technology lies in a regulated environment (PHOTO)

Hamburg (ots) Josip Heit, GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG: “GSB Group develops high-tech blockchain and crypto technology products for communication networks from the point of view of a climate-friendly orientation”

Josip Heit, CEO of the GSB Group and proven business manager and blockchain pioneer, has had products from the areas of blockchain, cryptocurrency and crypto technology developed from the perspective of climate-friendly orientations through his divisions of the GSB Group. According to Josip Heit, corporate divisions of GSB are currently a big step ahead of conventional sectors with their blockchain technology, because consumers will quickly be able to use their own knowledge to define products of these new technologies, which, among other things, also offer crypto services .

Josip Heit defines blockchain technology with the words: “A blockchain enables information to be transmitted in a forgery-proof manner using a decentralized database shared by many participants, so that copies are impossible. The database is known as a distributed register or general ledger It is stored on many computers in a peer-to-peer network, with each new node taking over a complete copy of the blockchain when it joins and is now responsible for checking and documenting transactions. “

Software experts from GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG have developed highly specialized blockchain products such as the G999 Blockchain-Coin utility. The G999 is particularly suitable for e-mail or voice text messages via blockchain! The so-called “iPhone generation” in particular sees payment transactions in general – and communication itself – exclusively digital.

Sophia Thomalla, for example, one of the best-known presenters and actresses in German-speaking countries, has long been very interested in cryptocurrencies, especially blockchain technology, cryptography and especially telecommunications, as well as the technologies behind them. A few weeks ago, Thomalla surprised many interested parties as the host of one of the first webinars (internet conference) of the GSB, to present the BPOS – the Bitcoin Proof of Stake with its commitment to blockchain technology. In this context, she is of the opinion that the future will be a digital currency. Especially since Sophia Thomalla recently pursued a company with the name “miota” – also known as “iota-Coin” – from Berlin, awarded in 2020 among the five best blockchain projects, which led her to the Hamburg blockchain power house GSB, which Has developed blockchain technology that is primarily climate-friendly and suitable for telecommunications. Just recently Josip Heit said to journalists: “Enjoy the great future of the digital age”. The G999 is based on the idea that blockchain technology must ensure compliance with environmental protection regulations, in particular the promotion of energy saving. At the same time, it corresponds to the current need to manage personal data in a completely secure and risk-free space, away from the mainstream web network through a decentralized data center.

Heit believes that the future of crypto technology lies in a secure, compliant and regulated environment and recently released the “G999” – a unique electronic money system, card reader and app – which is designed for telecommunications and messengers in one, inspired by the deflationary token economic model Payments, micro-fees and a variety of other options This also includes a blockchain-based encrypted communication network, which guarantees customers absolute privacy.

These innovations, developed by GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG, will conquer the blockchain technology sector in the future, Heit is certain, who advocates regulation in many areas of these technologies.

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