GTA 6: setting deciphered by mysterious coordinates in trailer?


In the new trailer for GTA Online, mysterious coordinates could be seen. Now fans have probably deciphered this. Do you reveal the setting of GTA 6?

  • Rockstar Games has a new one Heist announced in GTA Online.
  • Der Cayo Perico Heist will be released on December 15th for everyone Grand Theft Auto Online Player.
  • At the Teaser-Video “surveil.exe” was given coordinates that possibly teaser GTA 6.

New York, USA – Like Rockstar Games appears promised for GTA Online a new DLC with a brand new map: the Cayo Perico Heist. There, players must infiltrate the property of a notorious drug lord on a tropical island and escape with as much evidence, artwork and drug money as they can carry. Just before the new DLC was announced Rockstar Games already teased the location in a video, but Fans Another important detail caught the eye.

Release (date of first publication) TBA
Publisher Rockstar Games
Serie Grand Theft Auto
platform PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PC (unconfirmed)
developer Rockstar North (unconfirmed)
Genre Open World, Shooter

GTA 6: Do video coordinates indicate the long-awaited new Grand Theft Auto 6?

The new DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online has finally been announced and will be released on December 15th after Rockstar Games had already announced the “biggest update of all time” in summer 2020. In Cayo Perico Heist you have to infiltrate a tropical island, the home of a notorious drug lord, and leave with as much loot as possible. Even before the official one Trailer posted for the DLC Rockstar Games a short video on social media entitled “surveil.exe”. There you can see first impressions of the island from surveillance cameras: palm trees, plantations, a huge property and even a submarine. The excerpts are titled “El Rubio Dossier”.

The DLC and the Heist are therefore clearly located in the Spanish-speaking area, after all, “cayo” particularly refers to islands in the Antilles and the Gulf of Mexico, such as Cuba, Jamaica or Puerto Rico. “El rubio”, on the other hand, means “the blonde” and could be the name of the drug lord Fans im GTA Heist have to steal from. When you think of well-known drug lords like El Chapo or Pablo “El Patrón” Escobar, the name definitely makes sense. Finally, in the video for GTA Online DLC also shows a corpse on the beach, which, according to the video, was known as “El Rubio” and was last seen at Los Santos International Airport.

GTA 6: setting leaked by GTA 5 DLC? Fans decipher puzzles

© Rockstar Games/Twitter @SuplexVlog/Google Maps (Montage)

GTA 6: Fans speculate about alleged leak in trailer for Cayo Perico Heist

Besides all of this information is attentive Fans But one thing above all caught my eye in the video: the coordinates 38.527AN, 79.6129A W. Who the GTA Fans knows, knows that the coordinates were of course entered immediately into Google Maps and what comes out is supposed to be proof of GTA 6 be valid. Because if you enter the coordinates, you end up on a lonely mountain road near Blue Grass in Virginia. Now you have to switch to the satellite image and see it immediately: a road with serpentines in the shape of VI. A feast for Fans and conspiracy theorists, because they don’t believe in a coincidence of the coordinates, of all places in the state of Virginia (VI-rginia, clearly so far?).

The first part of the coordinates is a location in Medellin, Colombia, where Escobar lived and ruled. The rest of the coordinates is the location of a trail in the shape of VI. Next, the entrance to “Cayo Perico” is nearly identical to the entrance to Pablo Escobar’s estate, “Hacienda Napoles”. from r/GTA6

Granted, you’d think that Rockstar the coordinates before releasing the Teasers has checked and therefore actually something about the theories for GTA 6 Leak is your turn. Other Fans However, lean further out of the window and claim that the first part of the coordinates are in Medellín, ie the “creative” and former residence of Pablo Escobar, and that the welcome sign from Cayo Perico reminds of the sign from Escobar’s Haciénda Napoles would. Regarding the coordinates, which allegedly show a street in Medellín, the Reddit user has unfortunately rotated the numbers and the similarity of the signs is, at least for us, a bit far-fetched. Most recently, the Take Two CEO shocked fans with a price increase from GTA.

What do you think of the alleged GTA 6 leak? Is there something to it or do the fans only see what they want to see?

Rubriklistenbild: © Rockstar Games/Twitter @SuplexVlog/Google Maps (Montage)

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