GTA Online: the biggest update yet! It’s inside …


Rockstar keeps its promise and has plenty of Heist supplies in December. Cayo Perico, the biggest update to date for GTA Online, has a new heist and a lot more in its luggage.

Rockstar brings GTA V Online players an early Christmas this year. The developers keep their promise from the summer months and spoil fans of the online Heists with a good portion of new content (for the message: GTA Online: Rockstar indicates the next big update) From the 15th December Then it’s time to go to the South Sea island “Cayo Perico”!

Rockstar itself touts its expansion as the biggest, most enticing, and most action-packed expansion for GTA Online to date. On the well-secured private island property “Cayo Perico” things really get down to business in the usual Heist manner. The palm tree paradise of a notorious drug dealer not only invites you to have a little fun in good weather. You can also take some works of art, gold and laundered drug money with you. The entire island is available to you as an area for this.

Before you can call the valuable clutter your own, you have to take over the rest of the crime planning in addition to the infiltration. New tactical weapons and vehicles make planning much easier for you. Those who prefer to dance under the palm trees are well served with some new social spaces. 100 new songs sweeten the island flair on your forays into the radiantly beautiful Caribbean pearl. If you need a high sun protection factor, you can also dive with a submarine and choose the heavily armed vehicle as the headquarters for your Heists.

Heists are the action-packed crimes that you can plan and experience with other players in GTA V Online. So far, five of them are available, with which you can usually make some money.

Grand Theft Auto Online – The Cay Perico Heist Trailer
In mid-December, GTA Online will be expanded to include the new The Cayo Perico Heist.

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