Hacker warns: “Test is not a look into the future”


Vienna has also opted for an earlier start date so that people who have tested positive can still celebrate Christmas. The capacities are designed for 1.2 million people to be tested. Testing will start on Friday – until December 13th. you can then take part in the mass tests in the federal capital.

When asked about the seemingly critical reactions to the federal government’s mass test announcement, City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker said in the Ö1 morning journal: He did not see the mass tests as such critically. After all, people have been testing “in extremely high numbers in Vienna” all along, says Hacker. The originally planned timeframe of two days for the tests before Christmas did: “That didn’t sound very well planned.”

Epidemiologically and virologically, however, it is also “smarter” to test target groups or certain professional groups. “On the other hand, the mass tests satisfy the desire of many to have a test done once,” said Hacker on the radio. So it is a “contribution to the improvement of the mental state”. he means that “without undertones”. And: “If it is promised to the population, then it has to take place.”

Necessary PCR tests

The test phase in Vienna is extended to ten days. For positive results on the antigen tests, there are also test lanes for the necessary PCR tests afterwards. In order to also “cope with” these necessary tests, the test phase was extended to ten days.

Quarantine and contact tracing

When asked whether compliance with the quarantine could be checked if there were many positive test results, Hacker said he was confident. Absolutely most people would stick to it. He don’t worry.

According to the resolution of the Council of Ministers, no contact tracing has to take place in the mass tests, but Vienna will try it anyway: “We will try to carry out contact tracing in the mass tests now,” Hacker said in the morning journal.

At the end of the day, however, he points out that one shouldn’t be lulled into a false sense of security in the event of a negative test: the tests do not provide a glimpse into the future, on the contrary: “It’s just a glimpse into the personal past of the last few days.”

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