Hans Niessl: “I never had business connections with the commercial bank”


Former governor Hans Niessl is angry about the allegations of the ÖVP. He never had a business connection with the Commerzialbank Mattersburg and only received a VIP card from the SVM once – 15 years ago – but it was returned.

BURGENLAND. “Hans Niessl has obviously received gifts from Commerzialbank boss Martin Pucher for years. Including VIP annual tickets for SV Mattersburg worth around 3,000 euros per year ”- this was posted by ÖVP state manager Patrik Fazekas on his Facebook page in response to a profile report, according to which a VIP card for the SV Mattersburg was found for the 2019/20 Bundesliga season, issued to the former governor Hans Niessl.
Hans Niessl emphasizes that as President of Sport Austria he tried to stay out of party politics. However, after the ÖVP’s attempts to attack his people, he now feels compelled to take a position.

VIP card sent back

“Apparently, Markus Ulram and Patrik Fazekas are doing distance training with Donald Trump and are trying to twist facts,” Niessl said. The fact that he got a VIP card for SVM games every year is clearly an untruth. “About 15 years ago a VIP card was sent to our office, but it was sent back. There have been no annual VIP tickets since then. The now found VIP card 2019/20 falls during my retirement and was still in the bank. That means, even as a private person there was no card, although this would have been legally unobjectionable ”, says Niessl.

Learn about media

The former governor also commented on the rumors that he had received information about the closure of the bank and withdrew money: “I have never had business connections with the commercial bank. I found out about the closure through the media. “
Niessl appeals to the ÖVP to return to “high-class politics” and to end “Trumpism”: “To conclude from an unused VIP card to an annual VIP card would not even have occurred to Donald Trump.”

VIP card for Niessl, gifts for mayors

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