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Mario Isola is unimpressed by the clear criticism of the Formula 1 drivers of the 2021 tires. The Formula 1 racing boss at tire supplier Pirelli also shows understanding for the complaints of the drivers.

The seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton and the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel agreed after Friday’s training session in Bahrain: The new 2021 tires that they received from Pirelli for testing purposes in the desert should not even be used. Both spoke out in favor of using the current rubbers next year. There was also criticism of the new tires from other drivers.

Pirelli Formula 1 racing boss Mario Isola shows understanding for the complaints of the GP stars, after all, the 2021 tires were tested with the 2020 cars. “Today’s cars have been developed for the current tires, which have now been in use for two years, because they are the same products that were used in 2019,” he emphasized in his virtual press session.

“I’ve heard various comments, including a radio message, I think from Max Verstappen, who complained about understeer,” the Italian continued. “We warned the teams about this and encouraged them to change their set-up to correct that and rebalance the car. But this time, they mainly focused on collecting data and not using the performance of the tires. Above all, the drivers feel the performance. “

Isola is certain: “In the next year the teams will adjust their vehicle setup and I am convinced that they will find a way to utilize the performance of the tires. In the development tests and in Portimão, we couldn’t see a big difference in performance between the old and new tires, this time it was between six and seven tenths. But I believe that a possible performance deficit can be made up over the course of the season. We are satisfied with the 2021 tires that we have homologated and of course the car has to be adapted because the front tires also differ in profile. “

2. Training, Bahrain

1. Lewis Hamilton (GB), Mercedes, 1:28,971 min
2. Max Verstappen (NL), Red Bull Racing, +0,347 sec
3. Valtteri Bottas (FIN), Mercedes, +0,365
4. Sergio Pérez (MEX), Racing Point, +0,432
5. Daniel Ricciardo (AUS), Renault, +0.491
6. Pierre Gasly (F), AlphaTauri, +0,580
7. Lando Norris (GB), McLaren, +0.870
8. Lance Stroll (CDN), Racing Point, +0,900
9. Daniil Kvyat (RUS), AlphaTauri, +0,929
10. Alex Albon (T), Red Bull Racing, +1,043
11. Esteban Ocon (F), Renault, +1,114
12. Sebastian Vettel (D), Ferrari, +1,139
13. Carlos Sainz (E), McLaren, +1,300
14. Charles Leclerc (MC), Ferrari, +1.436
15. Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Alfa Romeo, +1.656
16. Kevin Magnussen (DK), Haas, +1,878
17. Kimi Räikkönen (FIN), Alfa Romeo, +1,957
18. Nicholas Latifi (CDN), Williams, +2,002
19. Romain Grosjean (F), Haas, +2,148
20. George Russell (GB), Williams, +2,665

1. Training, Bahrain

1. Lewis Hamilton (GB), Mercedes, 1:29,033 min
2. Valtteri Bottas (FIN), Mercedes, +0.449 sec
3. Sergio Pérez (MEX), Racing Point, +0,967
4. Carlos Sainz (E), McLaren, +0.985
5. Pierre Gasly (F), AlphaTauri, +1,016
6. Max Verstappen (NL), Red Bull Racing, +1,261
7. Alex Albon (T), Red Bull Racing, +1,269
8. Esteban Ocon (F), Renault, +1,351
9. Lance Stroll (CDN), Racing Point, +1,393
10. Daniel Ricciardo (AUS), Renault, +1.475
11. Charles Leclerc (MC), Ferrari, +1.556
12. Sebastian Vettel (D), Ferrari, +1,595
13. Robert Kubica (PL), Alfa Romeo, +1,699
14. Romain Grosjean (F), Haas, +1,799
15. Kevin Magnussen (DK), Haas, +1,821
16. Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Alfa Romeo, +1.863
17. Daniil Kvyat (RUS), AlphaTauri, +1,987
18. Lando Norris (GB), McLaren, +2,359
19. Nicholas Latifi (CDN), Williams, +3,439
20. Roy Nissany (IL), Williams, +3,768

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