“Hard and warm”: RTLZWEI throws Benz barracks out of prime time – but why?


From November 24th, RTLZWEI “Hartz and cordial – Benz Barracks every day” in the afternoon program.


“Hartz and cordial”: fans of the popular social documentary find out every Tuesday at prime time on RTLZWEI how the people in the Benz barracks are doing. But now they have to get used to it.

In May 2017, the first episode of the social documentary “Hartz und Herzlich – the Benz barracks in Mannheim” will be shown on RTLZWEI. It quickly becomes clear that the Viewers take a great part in the moving fate of the Hartz 4 recipients. The fans see how Dagmarwho, despite their very limited financial resources, help their neighbors like the good soul of the former workers’ settlement eightfold father Elvis overcomes his drug addiction and like that brave Janine raises her twins Jaylin and Jaydin without their father.

No matter how much time goes by that RTLZWEI viewers just can’t get enough of the Benz barracks and their residents. The cult around the protagonists even goes so far that the likeable Elvis will get his own web series on Facebook in early January 2020. Every week he provides his fans with the latest information from the Benz barracks and gives his fans his view of important events. The father of eight does not mince his words and sometimes utters uncomfortable truths.

In summer the time has finally come: RTLZWEI announces one new season “Hartz and Herzlich – Benz Barracks every day” at. From October 13th there will be a new episode every Tuesday Elvis, Dagmar, Janine and Co. on RTLZWEI to see. And that at prime time at 8:15 p.m.

That is exciting new season from the Benz barracks especially because the first episodes were filmed at the time of the first corona lockdown in March. The RTLZWEI viewers see how the lung sick Dagmar stands up to the coronavirus and how the barracks argue about the right hygiene measures. The episode in which a Dead from the Green Block is to be lamented. The alcoholic Johann died after a long ordeal at the age of only 54. His neighbor Dagmar, in particular, had devotedly looked after him for years.

“Hard and warm – day after day in the Benz barracks” now always runs at 3 pm

After six moving episodes in which the “Hartz and heartfelt” fans found out how Beate was beaten up on her own doorstep and why the eight-fold mother Katrin has no more children, many are surprised at one Change in the TV program: The RTL-Zwei broadcast will from November 24th at 3 p.m. instead of 8:15 p.m. In response to a request from MANNHEIM24, a RTLZWEI spokesman explains that this has nothing to do with falling audience ratings.

Social documentaries like “Hartz and cordial” would always run in the afternoon program. It is rather unusual that the show made it into the prime time slot at all. This alone is the big one Owing to the popularity of the TV format. The social document to show again in the afternoon program after a few episodes, was planned from the start.

“Hartz and cordial” – Benz Barracks day after day “: For this reason, fans can now be happy

Even if “Hard and warm – Benz barracks every day” no longer runs every Tuesday at 8:15 p.m., fans of the TV format have every reason to be happy. The remaining episodes of the season are now every working day at 3 p.m. on RTLZWEI be visible. These new “Hartz and cordial” episodes run this week on RTLZWEI:

  • Tuesday, November 24th, 3pm on RTLZWEI: “Hartz and Herzlich Benz Baracken day by day”, season 3, episode 77: “Big kids, big worries”
  • Wednesday, November 25th, 3pm on RTLZWEI: “Hartz and Herzlich Benz Baracken day by day”, Season 3, episode 78: “Rumor mill”
  • Thursday, November 26th, 3pm on RTLZWEI: “Hartz and Herzlich Benz Baracken day by day”, Season 3, episode 79: “Tensions”
  • Friday, November 27th, 3pm on RTLZWEI: “Hartz and Herzlich Benz Baracken day after day”, Season 3, episode 80: “Small blemish”

You can watch the current episodes for 30 days on TVNOW. (kp)

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