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This Berlin train station pub is a pure museum. Old rail advertising hangs here in the ruins, the fashion of the models: dashing 80s.

A “Falco” concert poster hangs behind the pub door: “27. October 1986 ”, it says. “Live in the ice rink”. Falco died in 1998 and the ice rink on Jafféstrasse was demolished in spring 2001.

Or, over there: a poster for the international match against France in the Olympic Stadium. Of course with little Pierre Littbarski, this brilliant footballer from VfL Schöneberg, who came to 1. FC Köln via Hertha 03 Zehlendorf and later became world champion … as I said: memories wherever you look in this listed ruin, mind-blowing cinema without end .

In the pub in the former Siemensstadt S-Bahn station, the rooms of which have long since been abandoned, Siemens employees once tipped their Schultheiss ball after work. The S-Bahn line has been idle since 1980 and is to be rebuilt from 2025.

A new, third platform is being built for this purpose at the Jungfernheide train station in Charlottenburg. A new bridge leads behind the palace gardens over the Spree, then it goes through Charlottenburg-Nord to Spandau. Completion: 2029, 100 years after commissioning.

And why? Because Siemens is investing more than 600 million euros in its campus with startups, apartments, high-rise buildings, cafes and an international school.

I discovered the Falco poster behind the door of the pub. Well, who still knows the ice rink?Photo: André Görke

Siemens wants to get started across from the old bar at the S-Bahn station. The parking spaces will disappear there, the new central space on the campus is planned. A European school, offices and a hotel are being built next door. Behind it a promenade and a high-rise are planned – here are the last plans and a simulation in the Spandau newsletter.

And what a coincidence: shortly after this text was published, Siemens also showed the design of the first 60-meter house to be built next to the S-Bahn station – here i show you the simulations. The Berlin office Robertneun won the competition.

And with the new S6 S-Bahn line, there will be a connection to the main station. Every ten minutes the S-Bahn is to roll over the Ring to Siemensstadt (and in Spandau they hope and demand that the Senate extend the route to Wasserstadt, where thousands of apartments are being built).

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The old station pub is listed as is the entire railway line. It has long been a case for the museum anyway and without a joke: The name has been hanging in the large railway museum in Nuremberg since 2020.

“Bahnhofs Stübl”. Or more correctly: “ahnhofs Stübl”. The B fell off at some point and ended up in the trash.

The new boss of the almost 100-year-old Nuremberg Museum, which is now called the DB Museum, was made aware of the relic via many detours. Oliver Götze did not want to replace the missing “B”, because the time runs show that best. Oliver Götze knows his way around Berlin, after all, he was born in Berlin and was deputy director of the Museum for Communication on Leipziger Strasse until 2017.

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