Helene Fischer again disappoints Schlager fans: Once again, she cannot keep her word


Helene Fischer is unintentionally not making it easy for her fans this year. First the cancellation of their Christmas show and now that too.

  • Helene Fischer planned the release of her “My Most Beautiful Moments” CD for December 4th.
  • She cannot keep this deadline.
  • The release date has been postponed for another week.

For their fans, Christmas this year will be no picnic: First of all Schlager superstar Helene Fischer because of the persistent Corona-Pandemic your beloved Christmas show already cancel completely. A measure that is certainly not easy to accept for many Schlager fans. But now Helene is already around the corner with the next hammer. Because the cancellation of her television show – the highlight of the whole year for her Fans – is not the only one disappointment.

Helene Fischer: Schlager superstar disappoints, fans again

Although the Christmas show does not completely fall into the water, it is questionable whether the alternative show will be enough consolation for the fans. Instead of a new live show, it will be on 25 December im ZDF a Best of show give. In “The Helene Fischer Show – My most beautiful moments“The highlights of the shows of the last few years will be shown. The special thing about it: Helene will personally choose the sequences for her fans. But whether she can comfort her for the next disappointment?

Because certainly many of their fans saw each other with the new one on the second Advent CD sitting in her hand with her idol and listening to the angelic voice of her Helene by candlelight and mulled wine. But the preparation for December 25th has yet to wait. Loud bigfm.de becomes the Special shipment planned CD “My Most Beautiful Moments Vol. 1”, which should have been released on December 4th, 2020, now also postponed. Only on December 11th can the fans get a good piece of the Universal Music record company likely to hold in your hands. But why does Helene keep her fans waiting a week longer?

Helene Fischer: Schlager superstar did not finish work on a new CD in time

Schlager superstar Helene Fischer has to disappoint her fans again: Because of Corona, her Christmas show cannot take place, now her new album should also be postponed.

© Malte Ossowski / SVEN SIMON via www.imago-images.de

The reason for that postponed release date lies with the singer herself. Allegedly, she is supposed to still be busy with the selection of the songs she has chosen herself. A total of 40 songs are planned, plus a matching 24-page booklet. As a special treat, the deluxe edition of the double album should include a DVD give. With it fans can watch all performances again. In addition, a 60-page photo book for the “My most beautiful moments” record is already in production, which is taking a little longer than planned. So the singer really does not want to spoil herself and really only wants to find the best of the best for her fans – and prefers to take a little more time. In addition, she is always good for a surprise: Your fans can look forward to seeing Helene at the RTL annual review “People, Pictures, Emotions” with Günther Jauch *, like msl.24.de reported. (jbr) * msl24.de is part of the Ippen-Digital editorial network

Ex-boyfriend Florian Silbereisen recently inspired her fans with his own anniversary show just for Helene. But the viewers criticized the station for it.

Headline list image: © Malte Ossowski / SVEN SIMON via www.imago-images.de

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