Helene Fischer (Schlager) reports back with a photo: Accompaniment shocked fans – “So scary, help”


The fans love Helene Fischer: But where did she dig this companion?

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We rarely see Helene Fischer online. But this time the Advent greetings of the Schlager star not only ensure hearts and compliments.

  • Helene Fischer cares with one Instagram-Mail for riot.
  • The fans shower the Schlager star With Christmas greetings and compliments.
  • But you companion causes irritation and Horror-Feelings.

Oh you happy Helene Fischer is up again Instagram on road. For almost a month, their fans had to wait for a sign of life from Schlager Queen waiting. Helene Fischer rarely shows up on social media. The fans are all the more delighted when they can take a look at the life of their Helene. This time she sends Merry Christmas and posing perfectly styled on a glossyPhoto in black and white. In a long time strapless evening dress she shows herself at her best. Many fans are over the moon, almost shocked that Helene is up again Instagram is active. It says: “Always this heart attack when you post something” and “I will now digest this small but beautiful one shock here”.

The reason for Helene, finally to emerge from the Internet oblivion: She does not want to let the loyal Instagram community take it from her, a beautiful one Christmas time to wish: “The best time of the year has finally begun – even if everything is somehow different this year.” Despite or perhaps because of the Corona-Crisis appeals to the Schlager star to his Fans: “Hopefully a few things will stay the same … Everything we do in this time should come from the heart, in order to work on the heart. I wish you A nice first Advent ❤️“

Helene Fisher with Advent greetings on Instagram: Creepy companion causes irritated fans

Touching words that numerous Wishes and as always, tons Hearts and Compliments trigger. But the Community is irritated. Not only the words and looks of the blonde singer leave many breathless. Her companion also causes a stir. Because Helene is posing on one Wooden horse – probably from one old carousel. The good piece has its best days behind it, however, and while it is supposed to look dreamy and playful, the flaked paint and the empty eyes of the horse figure an eerie effect.

“Nice 1. Advent☃️ But that Pferd looks a bit scary ”admits an admirer. Another fan writes with a smile: “I find this horse so creepy help“. Helene is probably a few months late with the unwanted Halloween vibes. Still, it will scare you away Schlager-Königin their admirers not so quickly. She is still one of the topical most successful hit stars. During the holidays (December 25th) your fans can look forward to a Helene Fish special show entitled “My most beautiful moments”. Tuesdaye live concerte will probably have to wait until next year due to the corona. If your fans are lucky, there might even be an Instagram picture by then – this time without the horror horse. (vs)

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