High demand: delivery bottlenecks for electrical appliances


Because of the Corona regulations, many consumers spend their money differently than usual. Dishwashers and game consoles are so popular at the moment that there are delivery bottlenecks.

By Ingrid Bertram, WDR

Anyone looking for electrical appliances or entertainment electronics on the Internet or in shops in the past few weeks was probably wondering: empty shelves on printers or laptops. You can wait until the end of January for a good dishwasher, and the Playstation 5 game console is currently simply not available.

Vacation pay is left

Because in the Corona crisis there are not only consumers who have less in their pockets because of short-time working. “There are also those who have saved themselves the vacation or the concert, that means there is money there,” says Christian Rusche from the Institute of German Economy in Cologne. And it is not saved.

It can be a little more

“Cocooning” – making your home cozy and beautifying – does not only apply to the garden. This also applies to the large-format television, for perfect couch surfing or the fully automatic coffee machine for a latte macchiato in the home office.

So-called white goods, i.e. refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines, have been in particular demand since summer. In household appliances, the sector recorded sales growth of up to 15 percent from July to October compared to the previous year.

Buy targeted and safe

Corona is also reflected in the shopping behavior of customers: online trading increased significantly, especially in the electronics industry. “Many online retailers already achieved their annual target in November,” says Steffen Kahnt from the Federal Association of Electronics Retailers.

But stationary retail also benefits. The customers come to the shops in a much more targeted manner, they already know what they want, do not need any advice, but still spend more money than in previous years, says Kahnt. Hardly anyone wants to spend long in the shops. The same applies to toys, says Kahnt, who also represents this industry in the association. “The child does not save.” Whether puzzles, handicraft accessories or electronic toys – for many years there was no increase in sales of toys, this year is different.

Shop for Christmas gifts early

But what does that mean for Christmas shopping? Kahnt recommends customers to work through the wish list early this year, especially when it comes to special requests and branded products. But basically you don’t have to get nervous about it. There are enough alternatives to fill the gift table.

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