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From Götz Schultheiss

It drips in, the acoustics are bad and so is the internet reception: at the two Vaihingen grammar schools there is a lot going on. That should change now, but unfortunately it will also take a while.

The Vaihinger Fanny-Leicht-Gymnasium is ailing and there is a lack of internet reception. Soon the school will be connected to the fiber optic network.

Foto: Lichtgut / Max Kovalenko

Vaihingen – The renovation backlog at Fanny-Leicht- and Hegelgymnasium and the long wait for the new school campus is a long-running theme in Vaihingen. Recently, representatives of the two Vaihingen grammar schools in the district advisory board complained about the ailing condition of their educational institutions and the poor facilities with WiFi. “During the meeting, the impression arose that nothing was happening, but that was not the case,” said Ulrich Bayer, the district adviser who heads the school working group of the committee. After persistent drilling by the administration, a lot has now got going.

The connection to the fiber optic network comes

When our newspaper asked Andreas Hein, the head of the school administration office, it became clear what should be improved soon at the Fanny-Leicht-Gymnasium. As early as December 2019, “an inventory was made on the sidelines of budget discussions”. The acoustics in the cafeteria are currently being improved and the seals on the facade of the central building are being taken care of. The windows in the west building are being renewed, and the window renewal in the south building is being planned. “The leaks on the roof are checked,” says Andreas Hein. “We are in the process of connecting the Fanny-Leicht-Gymnasium for fast internet to the city fiber optic network. This will be implemented in the first half of 2021 at the latest, “says the head of the school administration office.

From 2022 there will also be a new voice alarm system with which, for example, in the event of an amok alarm, voice messages can be passed on instead of just tones. “But the fiber optic connection has to be ready first,” says Andreas Hein. In addition, it is being examined how the school pavilion can be equipped with WiFi and a network. Then the entire building will be brought up to the state of the art. Because it is cramped at the educational establishment, the office keeps its eyes open when properties are sold that can be used as areas for the school.

With the Vaihingen school campus, says Hein, there is a two-pronged approach: “The north building of the Hegel-Gymnasium will be renovated at short notice.” The building tracts should be networked with WLAN by the end of 2024. On campus, the construction of the campus house is not starting, but the new building of the Robert Koch School and the Werkrealschule of the Pestalozzi School. “The overall planning requires a new spatial concept, followed by planning and implementation decisions,” says Hein. They wanted to start in summer 2020, but were behind schedule due to the Corona crisis. The start of construction for the replacement building is scheduled for mid-2025.

Local politicians urge the administration to act quickly

Because the school project is going far too slowly for him too, Ulrich Bayer’s party friend, Jürgen Sauer, the city councilor responsible for Vaihingen, puts pressure on him. On November 21, 2019, his parliamentary group commissioned the administration to check whether the new buildings on campus could be implemented using the general contractor procedure and whether a temporary position in the school administration office could initially only be created for this project. Because the administration had not yet responded, the CDU parliamentary group requested on November 27 that the administration present the result of the examination.

Andreas Hein is open to the general contractor procedure: “That can be an interesting option for a completely new building. But you have to define everything down to the last detail and then give it to an investor. Then the bag is closed. ”

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