Highest death rate and high excess mortality in Russia


        Russia recorded a new daily high with 507 coronavirus deaths on Wednesday.  The number of deaths rose to a total of 37,538, according to authorities in Moscow.  Most recently, Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin had also expressed concern about the high death rates.  Overall, in the largest country in the world in terms of area, doubts are still widespread as to whether the authorities reflect the full extent of the Corona crisis.        </p><div>
        <p>The independent Russian portal Mediazona (zona.media) calculated that there were around 120,000 more deaths from April to October than the average over the past five years for this period.  The excess mortality was therefore around 18 percent.  According to Russia's statistics agency, October was not fully recorded.</p>            

In June, 162,758 people died in Russia. That was 25,521 more deaths than in June 2019 (137,237), according to the central statistics. The Russian authorities have long been accused of not disclosing the true extent of the corona pandemic. The population development expert, Alexei Rakscha, who criticized this and lost his job at the statistics office, said there were other reasons for excess mortality.

Many deaths could also be due to an overload of the health system because other patients could not be treated. Regarding excess mortality in times of the pandemic, Kremlin spokesman announced on Tuesday that this was “a subject of deeper analysis”.

In Russia, the number of corona cases rose by 23,675 new infections on Wednesday, according to official information. The total number of deaths rose to 14,771.

                            Quelle: What / Dpa                            </span>


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