Highest incidence in Berlin: Why the corona numbers are increasing in Spandau – districts – Berlin


The coronavirus crisis is one of the most important topics in our people newsletters, but not the only one. Our newsletters have now been subscribed to almost 232,000 times across Berlin. The week continues with Spandau, Marzahn-Hellersdorf and Tempelhof-Schöneberg. You can order our newsletters from these three Berlin districts, like all other district newsletters from Tagesspiegel, free of charge here: people.tagesspiegel.de
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André Görke reports from SPANDAU:

  • The corona rise in Spandau: City council speaks about reasons and neighborhoods
  • Heerstraße should lose lane for cycle path – BVG buses stuck in traffic for longer?
  • Farmer Ernst has died: Gatow was shaped by the family
  • So war der Corona-Protest in Kladow
  • Beaver in the Südpark: This is how the animal is
  • 70 years of water polo: Hagen Stamm pays tribute to a man from Spandau who has now died
  • First house on the square: It will be concrete on the Siemens campus

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Sigrid Kneist reports from TEMPELHOF-SCHÖNEBERG:

  • At home in Friedenau: Germany’s oldest Instagram grandma
  • Protection against displacement: three new milieu protection areas in the district
  • District history: Two well-known Schönebergers in the Reichstag
  • Johanna Eck School’s online diary: News from the Tempelhof secondary school
  • Protest in Friedenau: Resident initiatives complain about ailing places
  • About frogs and toads: everything that bounces and swims here

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Ingo Salmen writes from MARZAHN-HELLERSDORF:

  • The parties are sorting themselves out: Why the election year 2021 will be exciting in many ways
  • “Flexi-Budget”: A model project for 600,000 euros is intended to show how the cost of 87 million euros for child protection can be reduced
  • Backlog of residential eligibility certificates: AfD city council under criticism
  • Better with zoom: District politics complains about state software for video conferences
  • “Soil sealing and denaturation”: Alliance of nature conservationists criticizes swimming pool plans in Jelena-Santic-Friedenspark

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