Horror according to Sager about the “gas chamber”


The cultural functionary in Hungary sees Poland and Hungary as “new Jews” and George Soros as “poisoners” of Europe.

Budapest. A high-ranking official of the culture industry in Hungary, close to the government, caused horror with a comment on the internet portal “origo.hu” at the weekend. The head of the Budapest Petofi Literature Museum, Szilárd Demeter, accused the Hungarian-born US investor George Soros of having made Europe “his gas chamber”. “The poison gas that is deadly for the European way of life flows out of the barrels of the multicultural open society,” wrote the 44-year-old in the medium that is also close to the government.

Hungary and Poland are “the new Jews”. Demeter, who was born in Romania, spoke about the EU budget dispute, where Warsaw and Budapest block budget decisions over 1.8 trillion euros. This is supposed to stop a “rule of law mechanism” by which states, where the independence of the judiciary suffers, lose EU money.

Demeter has headed the Petöfi Museum since 2018. For critical sources he is considered a “nobody” who was active in literature and music with moderate success and who worked his way up in the field of culture in the ruling party Fidesz. However, he has little knowledge of literature, is extremely right-wing and maintains a rude tone, including threats of violence. The eminent Hungarian poet Lajos Parti Nagy (67) is said to refuse to enter the museum as long as Demeter is running it.

Protest against Orbán’s friend

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán campaigned several times against the Holocaust survivor Soros (90). For example, he wants to “flood” Europe with Muslims in order to erase Europe’s identity. Demeter calls himself a “fanatical Orbánist” and is a confidante of the prime minister.

The Union of Hungarian Jews and the International Auschwitz Committee protested: Calling Europe “gas chamber” is “tasteless”; Jews and Holocaust survivors are “disgusted with the bizarre agitation”. In Austria, the Neos demanded a conviction from the federal government. In the “Orbán regime” an official would never say such a thing without his sanctuary. (ag./red.)

(“Die Presse”, print edition, November 30th, 2020)

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