How can the scores be transferred between the consoles?


CD Projekt RED has shown in a post on the official support website all the possibilities how to update the score of Cyberpunk 2077 (from 59,99€ at pre-order) between the old and new consoles. It’s easiest on the Xbox: Here, the game status is simply automatically transferred to the Xbox Series X / S via the cloud as soon as you connect the console to the Internet and start the game. Alternatively, you can use the system network transfer option if both Xbox consoles are on the same home network.

There are three options on the PlayStation: Plus subscribers can simply move their game status from the PS4 to the cloud and then download it again on the PS5. The data can also be transferred between the two consoles via LAN or WLAN connection. If you prefer to use an offline option completely, you can also copy the local score to an external data carrier such as a USB stick and then transfer it to the PlayStation 5. Last current video: PlayStationGameplay

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