How China wants to hide the origin of the virus


Pork heads, shanks and frozen salmon: China’s state media blame imported food for the latest outbreaks of infection – and speculate that the origin of the coronavirus lies abroad.

How comprehensively the state information control is taking effect in China can be seen very clearly these days: At the beginning of the month, scientists from Milan published a controversial study that is supposed to prove that the coronavirus raged in Italy in September. Since then, China’s state media have been trumpeting the message practically every day that the virus came from abroad.

“Here is proof why Covid probably didn’t start in China,” tweeted Peijin Zhang from the propaganda broadcaster CGTN. And the People’s Daily, the official organ of the Communist Party, also claims that all references point to an origin from abroad. The fact that the Italian authors of the study vehemently contradict such a message is completely concealed in the public discourse of the People’s Republic. Foreign websites that report on this are usually blocked in China.

The fact is: The origin of Corona has not yet been empirically recorded. It may never be, after all, it is a Sisyphus task to find out from which specific animal the lung pathogen first spread to humans. At the initially suspected place of origin in Wuhan – the Huanan wildlife market – the authorities have also had all traces of the virus destroyed.

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