HSV coach Thjonen comments on Ulreich’s blackout


There he was. Sven Ulreich probably didn’t really know what was happening to him. With his buck in the last minute of the game, the goalkeeper owed the last-minute goal in Heidenheim, initiated the 2: 3 (2: 1). A blackout at the worst time – which cost HSV a point.

The last minute was running, when the score was 2: 2, there was a kick for HSV. Instead of knocking the ball away, Ulreich opted for the short route via Toni Leistner.

The defender played the ball back to the keeper, who didn’t know what to do with it. His acceptance of the ball failed completely, Christian Kühlwetter scored his third goal this Sunday and hit the Hamburg team with it. The next blow in the neck in “Horrorheim”!

Thioune zu Ulreich: “At that moment he is certainly the culprit”

“It will take a moment,” said Daniel Thioune about the keeper after the game. The HSV coach knew: “If you make a mistake as a goalkeeper, it always leads to a goal. We know that, so in the end you are definitely the culprit at the moment. “

Transfer coup Ulreich: The HSV pillar is crumbling

For the commitment of Ulreich, the HSV bosses had received a lot of pats on the back in the summer. The 32-year-old, who came to Hamburg from the industry leader Bayern Munich on a free transfer, should become a great support in goal.

In Heidenheim, however, the column crumbled. Not for the first time. As in the previous week against VfL Bochum (1: 3), when he caused a penalty, Ulreich did not look happy.

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His coach criticized his plan to build up the game in stoppage time with a short kick.

“There is no requirement to take a short kick in the 90th minute. We have been taught better to keep hitting this ball for a long time. ”A realization that came too late on Sunday in Heidenheim.

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