“I didn’t want to go out anymore”


Christian Brandes – better known as Schlecky Silberstein – suffers from depression. Now the satirist reports how he was treated in a psychiatric hospital – and why it was good for him.

“I was in psychiatry and it was the best time of my life” is the headline of an article by the author Christian Brandes. The satirist known on the Internet as Schlecky Silberstein broke his silence after a three-month break in broadcasting. He now reports on his blog that he suffers from depression.

“I’ve been involved in depression for a long time and until recently the disease was embarrassing to me,” the 39-year-old said in the article. He was “male socialized” and therefore avoided talking about his illness in the past. “It is precisely this grotesque self-image that commands men in particular to brace themselves against a facade that must not collapse under any circumstances.”

The article should now help others to get rid of their shame. He himself wished for such a text when it was “up to him”. Christian Brandes had been treated in two clinics, one of which was the Theodor Wenzel factory in Berlin. He writes: “In fact, psychiatry has revealed itself to me as the only normal place on earth.” You have given him “the structure in his head” back. “In the end, I didn’t want to go out,” said Brandes.

“The disease has not vanished into thin air”

Due to Corona, he cannot currently see the therapy group from his time at the Theodor-Wenzel-Werk – and otherwise “the disease (…) did not disappear into thin air”. The satirist is sure that his depression will stay with him for a lifetime. “I now know, however, that there is a place I can go when all hope has run out of me.” To this day he has taken “a comparatively large number of drugs”.

When he looks back, he primarily remembers the “wonderful events” that he “all experienced as if in a vegetative state”. For him, the disease is like a “dragon” that has haunted him since childhood: “He came to my wedding, the birth of my first son and the recording of my first TV show.”

In fact, his show “Bohemian Browser Ballet” premiered on linear television on December 3rd. At 11.35 p.m. the satirical broadcast after “extra3” is broadcast on Das Erste. Christian Brandes and the psychologist Christina Schlag act as hosts, with Tine Wittler, Jochen Schropp and Ingolf Lück as guests.

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