In all friendship: Alexa Maria Surholt has lost 20 kilos


Cologne –

On Saturday evening she appeared at the “Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights” on ARD – and many a viewer might have been amazed.

Alexa Marie Surholt (In all friendship) has lost 20 kilos

Because actress Alexa Maria Surholt (52), who sang “In der Christmas Bakery” by Rolf Zuckowski (73) on the Silbereisen show together with her “In allerfreund” colleague Bernhard Bettermann (55), has done a lot in the past eleven months removed.

By the beginning of October alone, I had lost around 20 kilograms – thanks to tough discipline.

Because while there are quite a few treats in the Christmas bakery, Surholt has rather done without them in recent months. Not because of a diet, but because of a change in diet.

After she had put on weight in 2019 “really tight without me eating more” and was “tired and broken” in the morning, the 52-year-old was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Since January 2020, she has therefore completely changed her diet.

Alexa Maria Surholt: 20 kilos lost thanks to a change in diet

On the advice of a friend, Surholt first tried a 21-day metabolism cure. At the same time, she had herself tested for possible intolerances and found that her health is better if she goes without wheat and milk.

Now the actress feels more vital every day – and has also lost more weight than ever in her life.

But she has never felt uncomfortable in her body. At a height of 1.72 meters, Alexa Maria Surholt wore size 42/44 in the past and was proud of her curves: “I was always lucky to have a waist and a Venusian hip,” said the actress to “Bunte” .

Alexa Maria Surholt: “‘Body Positivity’ movement is important”

Surholt continues: “I consider the ‘Body Positivity’ movement to be very important for us women and I am of the opinion that every body is beautiful in its own way, even if it does not correspond to the ideal of beauty dictated by society. Every woman must be able to decide for herself whether and how she thinks she is beautiful. ”

Surholt has played Sarah Marquardt, head of administration at the “Sachsenklinik”, in the ARD hospital series “In aller Freund” since the first episode (which became on October 26, 1998). (sku, with dpa)

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