Internet detectives track down the mysterious Utah monolith


It continues: Internet detectives track down the mysterious Utah monolith

It took just two days for the “Utah Monolith” to be located by curious people. The exact location of the mysterious metal structure was kept secret after its discovery to prevent people from getting lost during the search in Utah’s stony desert.

However, this did not stop the Internet detectives – pictures of people who posed with the monolith appeared on Instagram on Wednesday. How did they find the metal object in no man’s land?

Reddit user Tim Slane explains how he was able to determine the coordinates of the monolith: The report from November 18 revealed that the object was discovered during a helicopter flight during which sheep were counted. So Slane followed the route of this helicopter until it disappeared from the radar – an indication that he might have ended up in this area.

Next, he looked on the map for the features that could be seen on official images. So he finally discovered the long, narrow shadow that revealed the location of the monolith.

He then published the coordinates on Twitter and promptly received some angry reactions. But Slane takes it easy: If he hadn’t disclosed the location, someone else would have just done it.

But that’s not all.

Using historical satellite images, it is possible to determine when the mysterious object was placed: if it was not yet visible in 2015, it suddenly appeared in October 2016. The monolith waited five years to be discovered.

Nobody has yet committed to the supposed art installation, which is why one is still puzzled as to who made it.

An explanation for the phenomenon seems to have been found on the Internet:

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