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Has Covid-19 raised sustainability awareness in the investment world? (Image: Ztudio)

When asked whether the Covid-19 pandemic will become a sustainable game changer in the investment world, the no-votes are ahead with 5%.

If it were a political vote, one would not really speak of a clear result: 52.4% versus 47.6% of the survey participants are of the opinion that the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences will not change the investment world in the long term . The result is astonishing insofar as the pandemic persists and the second wave this autumn led to at least partial lockdowns, especially in Europe, which are slowing down the economic trend again and maintaining uncertainty in the markets. Apparently, a majority believes that with the vaccines that are now available for production and subsequent use in the population, the corona crisis can be overcome quickly – probably as early as 2021. Various economic forecasts are based on this, and the stock exchanges seem to be pricing in such a development.

Hopefully that will happen. But does that mean that the investment world will simply return to the “courant normal” after this shock of the century, which painfully demonstrated to us the vulnerability of people in the first world as well as the fragility of the global economy?

As an observer, in this exceptional year of crisis, it has been possible to ascertain that both banks and investment managers have made a strong commitment to sustainable developments and products. Sectors such as health care, but also platform technologies and virtual communication, have also been given a real boost by the crisis. Assuming that in view of the enormous ecological, social and economic challenges to maintain a reasonably intact environment, the sustainability awareness of investors as well as banks and investment managers is heightened, the Covid-19 pandemic could actually become a game changer in the investment world . We shall see that it is definitely an “affaire à suivre”.

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