Iran wants to release more foreigners in exchange


After the release of an Australian scholar of Islam, Iran agreed to further exchange of prisoners with other states. Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said on Friday after a report by the Iranian news agency Insa: “An exchange of prisoners is an internationally legitimate and recognized process that is also in line with our national interests.”

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Moore-Gilbert released from custody after more than 800 days

According to Araghchi, eight Iranians detained abroad have been exchanged for six foreigners detained in Iran in the past twelve months. On Wednesday, Iran released the scientist Kylie Moore-Gilbert from custody after more than 800 days. In return, three Iranians held in Thailand were released. Moore-Gilbert, who also has British citizenship, was arrested in 2018 on the sidelines of a conference in Iran. She was sentenced to ten years in prison for spying on Israel and endangering national security. Moore-Gilbert, who denies all allegations, is now back in Australia. The local government did not confirm that the release was part of an exchange.

Araghchi left open whether his country wants to release prisoners who have both foreign and Iranian citizenship. Several Iranians with two passports have been detained for years. Most are also accused of espionage. The German-Iranian Nahid T. was arrested in Tehran last month. What the 66-year-old architect from Cologne is accused of is still unclear. Iran does not recognize dual citizenships. The decisive factor – also in legal matters – is the father’s nationality.

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