Is AllStar Maciek losing his second chance?


Maciek and Mark Forster have a lot in common: Both have Polish roots, have the same name – and have already walked the path together on “The Voice of Germany”. When Maciek took part for the first time in 2019, he made it into the Sing-Offs. But that was the end of the talent.

New Year New luck

In 2020 Maciek will try again – but this time Yvonne and Stefanie will join them. This year the battles are over and he loses out against his battle partner Dimi Rompos. Almost anyway, because Mark uses a steal deal to save him from ruin.

And the marmot greets you every day

Again Mark and Maciek are together in the sing-offs. But this time Maciek wants to approach the matter differently. “I thought I’d do the chill this time,” he says in an interview. He came to coaching with a cheat sheet, but he hadn’t yet mastered the text.

Mark Forster is disillusioned

This attitude doesn’t make a good impression on coach Mark Forster and guest coach Joy Denalane. Both explain to him: He should have prepared better, but that way they cannot give him advice. Has Maciek already wasted his second chance?

The moment of truth at the Sing-Offs

Then the decisive moment has come. Maciek is on stage at the Sing-Offs and performs “Flugmodus” by Clueso. His performance was good, but the coaches are not entirely convinced.

In the clip: Maciek sings “Flugmodus” by Clueso

Mark Forster: “You’re not making it easy for me.”

In the end, the decision rests with coach Mark Forster. He already has two talents on the hot seats: Sion Jung and Ninorta Coban. Will he give Maciek one of the places? “You’re not making it easy for me,” says Mark as he ponders.

Not a clear decision

“It’s not clear,” continues Mark. “I would have liked it to be clear. You can be let on. But you don’t have to and I actually wish from an AllStar – especially with our story – that I have to. That’s really my problem.”

How Mark decides remains a secret for the time being. The resolution will only be available in the next episode, on Sunday, December 6th, 2020 at 8:15 p.m. on SAT.1 and on Joyn.

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