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id Software and Panic Button bring DOOM® Eternal, the award-winning game that named the “best shooter of this generation” to the Nintendo Switch. DOOM Eternal is the sequel to the “best action game of 2016” *, DOOM®! * “The Game Awards”.

The armies of Hell have conquered the earth. Become a slayer in the epic single player campaign to fight demons in all dimensions and thus stop the extinction of humanity. The only thing they fear is you!


Slayer threat level at maximum

Experience the ultimate in speed and penetration with DOOM Eternal – the next level of tough first-person action by idTech 7. With a shoulder-mounted flamethrower, the retractable blade, improved weapons, new skills and more, you become the ultimate demon slayer.

Forward struggle

Take what you need from the opponents: health through glory kills, armor with the help of the Flame Spreader and ammunition through chainsaw kills.

Aiming with motion controls

With the gyroscopic control for aiming with motion control you will hit the target! In connection with the control stick you get the perfect fusion of immersion and precision.

Here comes the BATTLE MODE

In a new 2v1 multiplayer, a slayer armed to the teeth takes on two player-controlled demons in a gripping best-of-five round-robin match from first person perspective.

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