Italy wants to close ski lifts: Sommaruga talks to Conte about the location of the ski areas


The Federal President spoke to the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte about the situation in the ski areas. For the time being, nothing could be learned about the content of the conversation.

Simonetta Sommaruga called the Italian Prime Minister today.


Federal President Simonetta Sommaruga spoke to Italian President Giuseppe Conte by phone about the situation in the ski areas during the second wave of the corona pandemic. The dialogue and the search for solutions would continue.

Sommaruga wrote that on Sunday on the short message service Twitter. For the time being, it was not possible to find out more about the content of the conversation on request from your Department for Environment, Transport, Energy and Communication (Uvek).

Previously, the President of the Italian Health Council, Franco Locatelli, called Switzerland’s decision to keep the ski areas open as disappointing. He and other scientists advise the Ministry of Health and prepare the corona situation reports.

Locatelli told the newspaper “La Stampa” that he hoped for closed ski areas by the end of the year. Otherwise, request a quarantine for those returning from abroad.

For days, the Alpine countries in Europe have been arguing about the closure of winter sports operations to prevent the corona virus from spreading again, for example through tourists. While Germany and Italy are campaigning for an opening only after the New Year, Switzerland and Austria do not want to close their ski areas at all.

Cable car president Hans Wicki emphasized on Saturday that, in his opinion, there was no reasonable and understandable argument for closing all ski areas. In Switzerland, certain ski areas have been open for two months, none of which has developed into a hotspot for virus infections, said Wicki in the “Saturday roundabout” on Radio SRF.


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