Italy weather in Germany: But December brings a change in temperature – and a huge whip of the cold


Autumn in Germany is changeable. For the time being, mild temperatures are expected. But from December 1st the weather will change.

  • Germany weather *: Autumn showed its changeable side in November.
  • Temperatures are expected to drop significantly from December onwards.
  • A weather expert predicted the first permafrost.
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Munich / Offenbach – Most recently, ex-hurricane * “Eta” in Germany for frosty and windy weather. Fog and smoothness were also in the November No rarity. In between, the sun could also be seen over long distances and lured people into the fresh air during the Corona * pandemic. Autumn showed its changeable side in November. Snow was also possible at higher altitudes. But the temperatures are expected to plummet soon. Also the first Permafrost is expected.

Weather: It will be sunny in Germany

He says mostly mild temperatures German Weather Service (DWD) for the next few days. In the southwest, some people may have fallen over on Tuesday sunshine happy, while for others it remains foggy autumn.

Especially in the higher mountains it will be sunny on Wednesday, said the DWD With. In cloudy areas it remains correspondingly cold with maximum values ​​of one degree, in sunny areas up to eight degrees are expected. They are expecting for Wednesday Meteorologists Maximum temperatures between three and eleven degrees, on Thursday values ​​between two and ten degrees.

Meteorologist on Germany weather: “As warm as usually in Milan”

“It will be autumn mild again for the time being,” also said Jan Schenk from The Weather Channel ahead. Warm air is responsible for this Germany arrive. “With around 7.7 degrees it is on average around the whole of Germany as warm as usually in Milan at this time of year, ”said the Weather expert a comparison.

Weather in Germany: From December 1st it will be “significantly cooler” – the meteorologist predicts permafrost

But it should be his forecast according to not staying. “Cold air comes to Eastern Europe and probably after Germany“, He dared a prediction. Accordingly, it should be “significantly cooler” by December 1st. “On Monday we will see maximum values ​​between one and a maximum of four degrees. Outside the cities there can also be permafrost. ”

At the same time, Schenk emphasized that “Just a trend at first” be. “December will definitely start cool,” the expert looked ahead. Meanwhile, there was also a forecast for December 24th. Will snow fall this Christmas this year? * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network (dpa / mbr)

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