Ivanka and Donald Trump: tax fraud? Investigations against US President and his daughter


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Donald Trump has long been accused of tax fraud. According to the New York Times, daughter Ivanka Trump is now also involved in tax investigations.

  • Ivanka Trump is said to be involved in tax investigations, just like father Donald Trump.
  • Donald Trump* could have written off up to 26 million euros to his daughter.
  • Ivanka responded to the allegations via Twitter.

New York – The elected President Donald Trump has been in for a long time Tax investigations involved. Now is his daughter too Ivanka Trump affected. She is said to have received several write-offs from her father without paying taxes on them. In classic Trump fashion, Ivanka responded to the allegations via Twitter New York Times.

Ivanka is considered Donald Trump’s favorite child. Is that why she received money illegally?

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Ivanka Trump like father Donald: she replies to the tax allegations via Twitter

Between 2010 and 2018 Donald Trump* Spent approximately $ 26 million on “unidentified advisors”. One case is currently particularly precarious: Ivanka Trump reportedly made a statement in 2017: She received $ 747,622 from a consulting firm in which she is a partner. Donald Trump’s Trump Organization invested exactly the same amount in consulting costs for two projects in Hawaii and Vancouver. Problem with this write-off: Ivanka was also working for the Trump company, which made this payment.

The two Tax investigations to the case were initiated in the state of New York, in which the Trump Organization sits. For Ivanka Trump reason enough to shoot against the allegations from the democratic state: It was harassment and the actions of the Democrats from New York City were one hundred percent motivated by politics, advertising and anger.

Donald and Ivanka Trump with tax investigation: Trump Organization in the sights of the authorities

“All the necessary taxes were paid and nobody got any unjustified advantages,” he said Trump Organization attorney. He also sees a mean accusation against his client in the allegations: “This is only the last fishing trip of a sustained attempt to harass the company.”

“Nobody is above the law. We follow the facts and evidence, no matter where we lead, ”assures the investigator Public prosecutor in New York * in a television interview. Letitia James and her colleague Cyrus R. Vance Jr. have initiated the investigation and will continue the investigation regardless of the election of the new US president. (tko) * Merkur.de is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

Late insight in the White House? Trump holds out the prospect of a handover *. But he still insists on election fraud. And clashes with a journalist.

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