“Jana from Kassel”: Man has experienced Nazi dictatorship – “I find it unbearable …”


Walter Sons from Kassel experienced the Nazi dictatorship up close. He finds Nazi comparisons, such as that of “Jana from Kassel”, unbearable and outrageous.

  • “Jana from Kassel” has caused outrage and horror nationwide.
  • A professor from Kassel has it Nazi dictatorship experienced as a witness.
  • He finds that NS comparisons “Egregious” and “stupid”.

Kassel – The comparison of the “lateral thinking” speaker “Jana from Kassel” with the one executed by the National Socialists Sophie Scholl generated a lot of reactions from our readers. One of them is Walter Sons. The emeritus professor of music education was born in 1925 Kassel born.

“As someone who Nazi dictatorship I find it unbearable to allow demonstrations in our democracy with the heroic resistance of the Scholl siblings to equate in the Nazi era, ”says the 95-year-old.

“Jana from Kassel”: Professor finds Nazi comparisons unbearable

His father, a businessman who worked for a Bombing raid died relatively early on NSDAP joined, but soon realized “that he had bet on the wrong horse,” recalls Sons. His mother, however, was convinced from the start Nazi opponent been. “She was the only woman I knew who did Hitler salute refused. “

Because her youngest sister was married to a Jew. The two fled to the USA in 1938, and a short time later their daughter and her husband followed them. He had a very warm relationship with his cousin, says Sons. He remembers that classmates reproachfully asked him why he was traveling with a Jewish woman.

“Jana from Kassel”: Witness saw hanged soldiers hanging on trees

As a child, Sons was himself in the German Jungvolk, one of the Hitlerjugend belonging organization for boys aged 10 to 14 years. At the beginning of the war in 1939 he was 14 years old. In addition to his mother, he was particularly influenced by his German teacher at the time. “She worked with a group of selected students forbidden literature read about by Thomas Mann and Lola Landau, ”says Sons. She also sent him poems by field post. “She risked a lot,” says Sons. “I quickly realized that the National Socialism a criminal system war. ”For this reason, Sons finds NS comparisons like von “Jana from Kassel” unbearable.

In the Navy: The photo shows Walter Sons as a midshipman in Gdansk in 1944.

© Repro / Nicole Schippers

In order not to Armed SS later he volunteered for the Navy. In the last days of the war, Sons was on the Oder front. “There I saw German soldiers who had been hanged from trees. There was a sign around her neck that said ‘I was a coward’ ”.

“Jana from Kassel”: Witness describes Nazi comparisons as “monstrous” and “stupid”

In 1945 Sons became American, later British Captivity and escaped during a transport. With a lot of luck he survived. “It was clear to me: Never again Nazis. “In the past, he and his wife Brigitte had therefore always been against the law.

The Nazi comparisons as from “Jana from Kassel”who are currently in protests against the Corona-Politics the Federal Government are loud, it seems to him against the background of his experiences “monstrous, stupid, narrow-minded and outrageous“. The world is out of joint. “We live in a democracy, in a really free time,” says the 95-year-old.

“Jana from Kassel”: Kasseler fights against fake news with facts

Of course, there are many uncertainties and difficulties in the current situation. The government certainly makes mistakes. “That’s obvious. We’ve never had one before global pandemic to do. ”Politicians must learn step by step to deal with the situation. “But we have great luck. I wish God doesn’t know, now in one dictatorship to live.”

The Oblivion of history and Fake News opposes Sons clarification and facts. In the past, as a contemporary witness, he told students about his experiences in order to educate them politically. “You have to learn from the start to live together in solidarity“, Says Sons – and repeats:” We are very lucky. ”

Now Jan Böhmermann has also spoken out. He makes “Jana from Kassel” ridiculous on his TV show. (Nicole Schippers)

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