Jennifer Lange: Hot dance with a sexy MMA fighter


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Mopping up after breaking up with your Bachelor Andrej? Nothing. Jennifer Lange (27) prefers to pass the time as a fresh single with hot dances.

On her Instagram profile you can see two videos among the latest posts by the 27-year-olds, which they show during the intimate dance with MMA fighter Jonas Billstein (29).

Jenny writes about her latest video: “Even if the situation is currently quite limiting, we use the training for two, which can also be very enriching. Let’s try to get the best out of the time and also to grow together during this time. “

Jennifer Lange: New man by your side or just a dance partner?

The “Bachata Sensual” is a very physical and therefore – if you can master it – also very erotic dance.

With Jenny and Jonas it always looks skilled. Accordingly, the hips and faces of the two nestle against each other. The sparks are literally spraying. Jenny and the martial artist smile at each other again and again while dancing.

Jonas Billstein is probably less known to the general public, but more in the martial arts scene. Is there something more going on between him and Jenny than just a shared passion for dancing? So far there is no evidence of this.

However, the profile of the 29-year-old shows another similarity with Jenny. In his profile description he points out that he practices honey fasting. If you’ve followed Jenny’s stories closely over the past few days and weeks, you’ll know that she too tested this method.

Jenny Lange: Fans speculate about new friend

Jenny’s fans already see the athlete as the new man by their side. In the comment column under the dance video it says, for example, “You would be a sweet couple too”, “If there is no new love” or “He shouldn’t be my friend. It’s very intimate ”.

Only Jenny knows whether the followers actually hit the mark with their speculations.

Is Jennifer Lange part of Let’s Dance now?

In a question and answer session on Instagram, Andrej Mangold’s ex recently fueled another speculation. Will Jenny Lange be part of the next “Lets’ Dance” season?

According to her fans, Jenny always has the necessary talent. And she herself is not averse either. Jenny had admitted that she was definitely interested in the popular RTL format. (jba)

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