Joe Biden relies on Jen Psaki as the White House spokeswoman


DHe-elected American President Joe Biden relies on a team of experienced women for White House communications. “Communicating directly and truthfully with the people of America is one of the most important jobs a president should do,” Biden said on Sunday evening (local time). The prominent role of the government spokeswoman goes to Jen Psaki.

Psaki had been White House communications director and State Department spokeswoman under former Democratic President Barack Obama. Since the election, Psaki had led several briefings with journalists for Biden. She appeared clear and professional. Your deputy in the White House is to be Karine Jean-Pierre, who last worked for the elected Vice President Kamala Harris, as Biden explained.

“The best of our country”

“I’m proud to announce today that the White House is the first high-level communications team to feature women only,” said Biden. The “qualified and experienced” candidates bring different approaches and a common will to bring the country forward, said Biden. Harris said, “These communications professionals represent our promise to create a White House that reflects the best of our country.”

Jen Psaki will work as a government spokeswoman in the White House.

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Biden’s current deputy campaign manager, Kate Bedingfield, is slated to become the White House’s communications director. This gives it a less public role, but one that is important for determining the government’s overall communications strategy. Pili Tobar, in turn, is to become Bedingfields’ deputy. An advisor to Biden’s campaign team, Symone Sanders, is to become the vice president’s spokeswoman; Ashley Etienne is scheduled to work for Harris as a communications director.

Almost at the same time as Biden’s most recent personnel decisions, it became known that the 78-year-old sprained his right ankle while playing with his German Shepherd and sustained small stress fractures in his foot. It can therefore be assumed that Biden will have to wear a boot-like orthopedic support shoe “for several weeks”, explained doctor Kevin O’Connor in a statement distributed by Biden’s office. This made it possible that Biden could still wear the support shoe at his planned inauguration ceremony on January 20th.

Two small foot bones, so-called cuneiform bones (os cuneiforme), as the doctor further explained, were affected by the “hairline cracks”. Biden first visited an orthopedic surgeon in Newark in the state of Delaware on Sunday afternoon (local time). X-rays initially showed no break. The small breaks were then detected with the help of an MRI scanner. Biden suffered the injury on Saturday while playing with his German Shepherd “Major”.

A representative from Biden’s office said the president-elect had the injury investigated on Sunday so that appointments scheduled for Monday would not be affected. The Democrat and his wife Jill have two sheepdogs that are due to move into the White House with them in January. According to media reports, the Bidens also want to get a cat.

Biden was declared the winner by American media after the November 3rd election. He is due to be sworn in as the new president on January 20, with Harris as the first female vice president. Biden has already filled several positions in the White House and nominated several cabinet members.

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The incumbent President Donald Trump (74), meanwhile, continues to refuse to recognize Biden’s victory. He has been talking about “massive electoral fraud” for weeks, but has not presented any reliable evidence. American courts have already thrown down numerous lawsuits aimed at challenging the election result and his Republican allies.

After an original refusal, however, Trump’s government initiated the legally required, orderly handover (“transition”) a week ago. This Monday, for the first time, Biden and Harris should receive the strictly confidential briefing from the secret services, which normally only goes to the White House. In addition, the head of the Corona working group of the White House, Deborah Birx, said in a TV interview that she hopes to speak to Biden on Monday as well.

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