Joko & Klaas Show: Luke Mockridge experiences shock at an altitude of 2,000 m


Cologne –

Panic can certainly arise …

Luke Mockridge (31) has set himself a tough task for the new edition of “Duell um die Welt” (Saturday evening, 8:15 pm, ProSieben and Joyn). At an altitude of 2,000 meters, he hung himself from the tail of an airplane – and experienced a real moment of shock there.

“Duel around the world”: Luke Mockridge hangs from an airplane at an altitude of 2,000 meters

That the presenter and comedian is not afraid of heights, he recently proved in his own “Great Night Show”. There, Luke Mockridge climbed a hanging ladder onto the arch of the Cologne Lanxess Arena.

For the Joko-und-Klaas show, however, things went a little further. Luke competes for the Klaas team and is sent to the Czech Republic by Joko. There he should – so the task – advertise the “duel around the world”. As a living advertising banner.

Luke Mockridge competes for Team Klaas in the “Duel around the world” and gets himself hung from an airplane.

To do this, it is brought to an altitude of around 2,000 meters by an airplane and then simply held out of the tailgate. The Cologne resident got a little queasy.

Luke: “That’s when I noticed how the comedy hatch was saying goodbye more and more. The higher we went, the more serious the situation became. When we reached the height, everything happened automatically. “

“Duel around the world”: Luke Mockridge hangs out of the plane – then the rope breaks

And once free as a bird, Mockridge likes the view better and better and he can shed his panic more and more. But then comes the mega shock!

The moderator from Cologne does not carry a parachute during the action, is only secured with three ropes. And one of them suddenly just dangles next to him.

Luke Mockridge in the “duel around the world”

Behind this is of course Joko Winterscheidt (41), who wants to ensure that the Klaas team cannot collect the country point.

Luke Mockridge becomes a living advertising banner at an altitude of 2,000 meters for “The Duel Around the World”

Luke Mockridge becomes a living advertising banner at an altitude of 2,000 meters for “The Duel Around the World”

Joko: “Luke is hanging on three safety ropes, but you actually don’t need one of them. You can just cut that through while Luke is hanging out of the back of the plane… ”And that’s just one of the phases that Luke’s actual job consists of.

Of course, the broadcaster did not want to reveal in advance whether he could hold out the stunt and win the point.

Duel around the world: These celebrities compete

  • Moderator Janin Ullmann (39) is supposed to swing for Team Joko in Italy on a swing made of adhesive tape in the mountains
  • Hollywood star Ralf Moeller (61) has to transform into an animal advertising face in Greece
  • Musician Wincent Weiss (27) performing in Iceland for Team Klaas in a dark glacier cave. (sku)

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