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On Wednesday, the Frankfurt Energy Department published the climate savings book for 2021. With this, the city wants to raise awareness of the environmentally friendly everyday life of Frankfurt residents and give tips for more sustainability.

On Wednesday, the energy department of the city of Frankfurt presented the climate savings book for the year 2021, which is intended to support Frankfurt residents with sustainable and climate-friendly behavior in everyday life. It contains recommendations on all aspects of nutrition, consumption, mobility, living and building. Initiatives and addresses of various contact points in Frankfurt are listed in the savings book: rental points for cargo bikes, second-hand shops, repair cafés, unpackaged shops and more. There are also 45 vouchers for local companies such as a regional organic Demeter farm.The topic of digitization is a new focus of this year’s edition of the climate savings book. Digital technology can help avoid unnecessary flights and commuter trips, says environment officer Rosemarie Heilig (Alliance 90 / The Greens). In Frankfurt, however, you can now also experience its downside. “The data centers now consume more electricity than all households put together and use their waste heat to heat up the urban climate,” says Heilig. That is why the climate savings book also shows how digital media can be used “climate-consciously”.

At the beginning of 2020, the Frankfurt Energy Department announced two climate protection bets in which people from Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main area could take part. In the climate savings book, the participants are represented as so-called godparents, who talk about how they work for more climate protection in everyday life. The aim was to give people a voice because of the great response to climate protection bets, explains the deputy head of the energy department, Paul Fay.

Last year, on the occasion of the anniversary edition of the climate savings book, a “climate account” was already set up, on which one can collect CO2 savings reported by citizens. With a postcard enclosed in the savings account or by e-mail, Frankfurt residents can continue to communicate their goals to the energy department and thus take part in a competition and win ten copies of the book “Super Local Food” and ten power-saving sockets. The energy supplier Mainova was once again a partner in the creation of the climate savings book. The company is supporting Frankfurt with the expansion of renewable energies and environmentally friendly district heating, according to CEO Constantin Alsheimer.

The climate savings book 2021 is available from Oekom Verlag for 4.95 euros.

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