JP Performance: PS professional wants to build Gran Turismo Beetle – Sony rushes to the rescue


JP Performance loves cars. Now he wants to recreate a Beetle from Gran Turismo 7. Sony comes to his aid so that the project can be implemented.

  • Great tourism is a popular one Racing game series on the PlayStation (To Gran Turismo News).
  • JP Perfomance tried one now Auto from the game to be recreated in real life.
  • The Autoprofi was about to give up, but Sony was able to save the project.

Dortmund, GermanyJP Performance, known from several TV shows and his YouTube Kanal with nearly two million subscribers, is a true master at tuning Autos. For the next major project, this time he has picked something very special. Namely, Jean Pierre wants “JP” Kraemer Auto from the popular Rennspiel Gran Turismo recreate and later with the Karre drive through the area. Because JP Performance has with the dare according to their own statements on the Consoles already turned a few laps. Of all things Sony half dem Car fanatic about to make his dream come true.

developer Polyphony Digital
Serie Great tourism
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre Racing simulation
platform PlayStation 5
Modi Single player, multiplayer

JP Perfomance: Sony saves next project – Gran Turismo car becomes real

The Project from JP Performance is quite a complex one. You can tell at the beginning of the Videoswhich JP for the Project turned. There he said that today was May 4th. Until the publication of the Videos So it has already taken more than half a year. Despite the great effort it is JP Performance totally thrilled and reports that he’s the most blatant vehicle out there Great tourismthat you can realistically recreate. So raved JP on the drive to the basic car from which the racing car is to be built, from the Volkswagen Beetle Gr. 3 out Great tourism.

The Volkswagen Beetle Gr.3 is one of the most popular vehicles in Great tourism and looks loud JP Performance more like a Porsche than a Beetle. You can read more precisely how JP builds the Gran Turismo racer in real life * at But that Project the end had almost been prophesied. Because Jean Pierre Kraemer had problems with that Auto really after Plan to build and was able to plans nowhere to be found. For him it was very important that that Auto not just looks like it Great tourism, but one to one represents the original. The rescuer in need bears the name Sony.

JP Perfomance: This is how Sony saved the project – auto professional is grateful

JP Performance is Sony extremely grateful – with the original idea in mind JP play his connections and asked at Volkswagen after the Plans of Wagons at. This gave them feedback that they did Auto of course not having designed it yourself, but turned to it again Sony. Sony announced that a studio out The Angels for the design of the Beetle Gr. 3 was responsible. At this point thought JP Performancenow it is really over“And had already mentally completed the project.

JP Perfomance: Sony saves next project – Gran Turismo car becomes real

© Gran Turismo / JP Performance / DPA (Montage)

But it turned out differently. Sony contacted the responsible company in The Angels under high pressure. The company absolutely loved it JP Performance Idea and sent him the plans to his surprise for free. For her steady endeavor turned JP Performance an Sony and Volkswagen with a big thank you. Now he can Autoprofi free of charge on that Auto screw around and perfect it with the help of the plans. We are excited to see when that dare finished and what it looks like in the end. In addition, there will certainly be a new one in the future Video out Dortmund from JP Performance give.

If you are also waiting for the next Gran Turismo part, we have good news: There is a leak about the release of Gran Turismo 7. Only the alleged cover causes discussions among the fans. Because maybe a very strange car can be seen on the cover of Gran Turismo 7. * is part of the Ippen-Digital-Netzwerk.

Rubriklistenbild: © Gran Turismo / JP Performance / DPA (Montage)

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