Judge and thinker: Health Senator Dilek Kalayci



Judge and thinker: Health Senator Dilek Kalayci

A podcast with Christine Richter, editor-in-chief of the Berliner Morgenpost

Christine Richter (left) and Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD).

Photo: Reto Ready / Funke Photo Service

Berlin. How serious is the corona situation? How threatening is the situation in the hospitals, where more and more intensive care beds are occupied with corona patients and the traffic light of the corona early warning system is already on yellow and could change to red in the next few days? How has life changed when you as a senator have been in focus for nine months and are measured by how Berlin is coping with the corona pandemic?

Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) answers these and many other questions in the new podcast of the Berliner Morgenpost “Richter und Denker”. Editor-in-chief Christine Richter speaks in the podcast every week with personalities from Berlin about the current challenges and opportunities.

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