“Just a used day”: The votes for the 96 bankruptcy against Holstein Kiel


Hannover 96 has been waiting for a win for four games. Kenan Kocak’s team had to admit defeat 0: 3 (0: 0) against Holstein Kiel. The Reds got off to a pretty good start. In the first half, Kiel rarely came in front of the Lower Saxony gate. However, 96 striker Marvin Ducksch narrowly missed the best opportunities for Hannover. In the second half it got really bitter: The Kiel team only had five minutes to decide the game.


After the game, 96 coach Kenan Kocak looked disappointed, but still defended his team. Compared to the desperate appearance at the Würzburger Kickers last weekend, his team showed an improved performance. Here you can read the voices for the game.

Quotes for the game of the 2nd Bundesliga between Hannover 96 and Holstein Kiel

96 coach Kenan Kocak: “We have to learn our lessons now and simply improve in the next few weeks. I feel very sorry for the team today. That couldn’t be compared to last week. I can’t blame the team for that. We had a brutally good attitude. It was just a used day for us today. ”


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