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The Justitia bot also answers any questions.

With JustizOnline, digital access to justice is now possible via a mobile phone signature. Citizens can take a look at their ongoing proceedings free of charge.

Austria’s judiciary is expanding its online services and is now offering digital access to legal transactions. Via justizonline.gv.at, citizens get an insight into their ongoing proceedings and can submit submissions to courts and public prosecutors. Special bonus: the electronic inspection of files is available for a fee. Only land register and company register inquiries have to be paid for.

JustizOnline: access via mobile phone signature

Justice Minister Alma Zadic (Greens) said in a press conference on Wednesday that she was delighted to bring the judiciary closer to the citizens in this way: “The corona pandemic has shown how important it is to be able to reach the authorities digitally JustizOnline should now contribute. “

Access is protected via a mobile phone signature, support for users is provided via a glossary of terms, FAQ lists and a chatbot called Justitia. For the time being, only natural persons can log in. Later on, special access for professional party representatives, i.e. lawyers, will be created, explained Martin Hackl, “Chief Digital Officer” of the Austrian judiciary.

Bot Lady Justice is supposed to answer questions

A free electronic file inspection for lawyers has been available since this year, it was emphasized. The high court fees for file copies were a criticism of the lawyers of Austria’s judiciary for decades. In their government program at the beginning of the year, the ÖVP and the Greens decided to evaluate the fees and possibly reduce them.

In general, JustizOnline should grow gradually and Bot Justitia should also become smarter and smarter. According to Zadic, there is already international praise, the site has already been awarded first place in the e-government competition of the DA-CH region, she was pleased.

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