Kader Loth has Corona: “I don’t know if I can do it”


Strong symptoms
She is afraid for her life: Kader Loth infected with corona

In tears, Kader Loth tells about her positive Corona diagnosis
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Kader Loth was infected with the corona virus despite the greatest caution. Now the ex-jungle camp candidate fears that she will not survive the coming days.

She was extremely careful, says Kader Loth on Instagram. Nevertheless, she has now been infected with the corona virus. She doesn’t know where. “Although I was extremely careful, did not leave the apartment without a mask, had gloves and disinfected everything at home, I now also have Corona,” says the ex-jungle camp participant. Loth has tears in his eyes and looks visibly exhausted and sad.

Kader Loth has Corona and fear for her life

For “three or four days” she has been extremely battered, “and it has not gotten any better,” explains the reality star in the Instagram video. “I don’t know if I’ll live the day after tomorrow. And that scares me, whether I can do it, I have no idea,” she cries desperately.

The 47-year-old told the “Bild” newspaper about her current condition: “I have been in quarantine since yesterday, I am also ailing, have a dry cough and my lungs are burning. I am afraid and panic that I will die.” Her doctor advised her to wait and see. She remains “under medical control,” Loth told the newspaper.

Get well wishes from other reality stars on Instagram

Many fans keep their fingers crossed for her under her video on the photo platform and encourage her. Some other reality stars also speak out. Bert Wollersheim writes: “Quick recovery squad … That will be fine.” Doreen Dietel tells her she is not alone and Julian FM Stoeckel and Danni Büchner also wish Loth all the best.

However, nasty comments are mixed in with the many mostly friendly recovery wishes. “Sister, but it was enough for eyeshadow? Everything is good,” writes one user. “Am I the only one who has to laugh,” says another.

Sources used: Instagram Kader Loth / “Bild” newspaper


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