Kelly Family Hammer: Mysterious sign of life from a member who has been missing for 20 years – “Goosebumps moment”


Kelly Family fans rub their eyes: A star emerges from oblivion after 20 years – is it really her?

  • Surprising sign of life at the Kelly Family.
  • Barby Kelly suddenly has one Instagram-Account, created and maintained by Joey Kelly.
  • The fans react with goose bumps.

Munich – The Kelly Family has been successful for decades, celebrating her greatest successes in the nineties with songs like “An Angel” and the album “Over The Hump”. Most of them like Maite, Angelo, Michael Patrick or Joey are still looking for the spotlight today. One thing is very different: Barbara Ann, called Barby, Kelly the general public never seemed so right. She retired from show business.

Kelly Family: Barby Kelly lived and lives withdrawn

Her brother explained the tragic reasons Jimmy loud a few years ago as follows: “I would like to inform you that Barby has been under a mental illness that makes it impossible for her to live alone, to take care of herself, or to take responsibility for her own life. She must be under constant supervision. This disease is a serious matter that has been treated with strong pharmaceuticals and under medical supervision for years. “

Barby Kelly (3rd from right) with her siblings in a photo from 1998.

© imago images/POP-EYE

A sad fate of a member of a family that is otherwise so often known for happiness. In 2018 there was a bit more positive news – she recorded music with her siblings, loudly Colorful said Kathy Kelly the YouTuber PartyPrinz: “She’s fine a thousand times better. She is doing well. She also sang two songs. She sings a lot and knows all the lyrics to the songs. “

Kelly Family: Joey Kelly creates an Instagram account for Barby Kelly

It’s been back since then became calmer around the now 45-year-old Barby Kelly. But now the sensation! A new Instagram account is on Friday, November 27th. went online: “Barby Kelly official“. He already had more than 12,000 followers by Saturday, the only photo posted up to then around 6,000 likes.

Joey Kelly made loud Gala draw the fans’ attention to the account. He is also the one who maintains the Instagram page, as can be read below the photo. So there is no “own” account of the missing Kelly Family member. But at least a kind of sign of life.

Kelly Family: New Instagram account for Barby gives fans goose bumps

The Fans der Kelly Family are excited. “Oh how happy I am. Joey, you are that best brother!!! Barby ….. everyone loves and misses you, your great voice and your lovely being! “, It says in the comments. “And already this world is a little bit better”, “I can hardly believe it … how wonderful”, “Goosebumps moment“,“ My heart beats somersaults with joy ”and“ We miss you ballerina ”, write others. Many also hope to hear from Barby Kelly himself soon. “I hope, however, that people don’t just indulge in the past,” they say. The rumors about Maite Kelly and Roland Kaiser have recently been cleared up. (lin)

Rubriklistenbild: © imago images/POP-EYE

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