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How is the TV money distributed among the 18 Bundesliga clubs? We summarize the numbers of the “kicker” in the following. Photo: Press photo Baumann / Hansjürgen Britsch

On Monday, the specialist magazine “Kicker” publishes the media revenues of the 18 Bundesliga clubs. While FC Bayern cracks a magical mark, VfB Stuttgart ends up far behind. An overview.

Stuttgart – The topic of TV money is heating up the minds of many fans and those responsible in the Bundesliga. On Monday, the specialist magazine “Kicker” published the current payments from the media revenues to the 18 top division clubs.

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After the outbreak of the corona pandemic when the new media contracts were signed in the spring, revenues fell for the next four years. On average, the DFL will distribute 1.1 billion euros from national and 200 million euros from international marketing. A heated discussion had broken out between the clubs over the past few weeks about the key. On December 7th, the DFL Presidium, headed by spokesman Christian Seifert, wants to present the hotly debated distribution key of the new television contract to the 36 professional clubs in a virtual general meeting.

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In our picture gallery we summarize how the TV money is distributed among the 18 Bundesliga clubs. Click your way through!

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