Killed physicist from Iran aimed for atomic bomb


A nuclear physicist was murdered in Iran, by whom is still unclear. The act is explosive in the conflict between Iran and Israel. An Israeli minister has already stated that the dead wanted to provide his country with nuclear weapons.

Israel’s secret service minister called European criticism of the deadly attack on Iranian nuclear physicist Mohsen Fachrisadeh on Sunday “hypocrisy”. “You know the Iranian attempts to acquire nuclear weapons very well,” Minister Eli Cohen told the Israeli army broadcaster. Tehran also supports radical groups throughout the Middle East region.

“Instead of speaking very clearly about necessary sanctions, instead of ensuring that Iran does not seek nuclear weapons, we see them (the Europeans) burying their heads in the sand again,” said the secret service minister.

“Local Mercenaries”

Fachrisadeh was killed on Friday in a suburb of the capital Tehran. Iran immediately accused the US and Israel of “local mercenaries”. The European Union condemned Fachrisadeh’s killing as a “criminal offense”. Israel has not yet made an official statement. Cohen also said he did not know who was behind the crime.

“I can say, however, that I shed no tears over Fachrisadeh’s death,” said Cohen. The nuclear physicist was involved in Iran’s nuclear weapons efforts. His death is positive for the Middle East and the whole world. “Israel has made it clear that it will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. Iran calls for the destruction of Israel and therefore, in our view, anyone who is actively involved in nuclear armament efforts is death.”

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had already named Fachrisadeh in April 2018 as head of an earlier secret Iranian nuclear weapons program called Amad. “Make a note of the name: Fachrisadeh,” he said at the time. Iran had to end Project Amad under international pressure, “but it has not given up its nuclear ambitions,” said Netanyahu. Iran had kept the know-how of the Amad project, and the work was being secretly continued by an organization within the Iranian Defense Ministry under Fachrisadeh’s leadership.

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