Lawsuit in the fight for MAN Steyr


The battle for the Steyr location is now being raised to the judicial level. © APA / / Kerschbaumayr

The workforce representatives at MAN are serious about the fight for the endangered locations. The discussion about the reduction of a total of 9,500 jobs worldwide at the truck manufacturer MAN in the Volkswagen Group has the works council take the company to court.

As reported, the Steyr site with around 2,300 employees is threatened with extinction. The fact that MAN terminated the contract to secure the location and employment at the end of the year is illegal from the point of view of the employee representatives, as works council chief Saki Stimoniaris emphasized on Monday.

The right to early exit from the contract, which was concluded for the period up to 2030, would only be given to management in the event of a market slump of more than 40 percent, it was said.

In the opinion of the works council, such a decline is not discernible despite the current crisis. “This makes the termination ineffective,” declared the works council. A court hearing is due to take place in Munich in January.

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