Letizia of Spain: Wow! Your arms are more muscular than ever


While most of them are mentally preparing for Christmas, summer has returned for Letizia from Spain.

Well, let’s call that a wow gig! Letizia of Spain (48) was not impressed by looking at the calendar and appeared one day after the 1st Advent (November 30th) in a summery dream outfit. The queen attended the 32nd edition of the “King Jaume I” award ceremony in Valencia and showed a lot of bare skin in her elegant gray dress. No wonder, because the temperatures in Spain are also a bit more Mediterranean than here. Usually the Queen awards the prizes to special Spanish scientists together with her husband King Felipe (52), but he is currently in corona isolation because he had contact with an infected person. But even without her husband, the 48-year-old shone at her appearance in Valencia and also impressed us with her muscular arms.

Great legs & well-toned arms: you shouldn’t miss Queen Letizia’s appearance in one of her favorite dresses. Click on the video above.

Letizia from Spain finally dares something again

The queen recently shone at another award ceremony and surprised everyone with a breathtaking outfit. At the presentation of the “Francisco Cercedo” journalism award in Madrid (November 18), she was elegant and sexy at the same time.

You can see Letizia from Spain’s wow performance in the video below.

© Getty Images Europe/ Carlos Alvarez; BUNTE.de


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