Linden Museum invites you on a digital world tour through the collection


Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – The Stuttgart Linden Museum, one of the most important ethnographic museums in Europe, invites you to take a kind of digital trip around the world through its extensive collection. From Tuesday on, the museum’s holdings can be accessed virtually via a presentation and communication platform. The museum announced that detailed information, interesting stories and background information on the objects will be presented under the title “Digital Collection”. Methods and results of provenance research should also be conveyed. This was “an essential part of actively coming to terms with the (post-) colonial past,” it said in advance. The Linden Museum wants to present details of the museum tour at the click of a mouse today.

The museum, which is currently closed due to the Corona restrictions, was designed by the then Württemberg Association for Commercial Geography and opened in 1911. Today the house houses more than 160,000 objects from all parts of the world outside of Europe. It is also known for its advanced provenance research, which searches the holdings for goods that have illegally entered the collections. The museum has been owned by the city and the country since 1973.

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