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Live ab 10

The press conference is entitled: “Stop using the Corona app now, so we can protect ourselves together!”

Health Minister Rudolf Anschober reports on the progress made in the development of the “Stop Corona App” – for example the new interoperability from mid-December.

Stop using the Corona app now!

In addition to the consistent implementation of protective measures (distance, mouth and nose protection, hygiene), contact tracing is one of the most important measures to contain the corona pandemic. By downloading the Stop Corona app, everyone can make an important contribution to containing the pandemic.

Development progress

As part of a press conference, Health Minister Rudi Anschober and Federal Rescue Commander Gerry Foitik from the Red Cross will report on new developments in the Stop Corona app and the importance of the app with regard to the upcoming opening steps. An interoperability option is announced from mid-December. Likewise, prominent personalities speak at the press conference and describe their experiences with the app.

Press conference “Stop using the Corona app now, so we can protect ourselves together!”

  • Rudi Anschober, Minister of Health
  • Gerry Foitik, Federal Rescue Commander Red Cross
  • Barbara Stöckl, Red Cross ambassador, moderator and ombudswoman
  • Madeleine Alizadeh, entrepreneur and content creator on Instagram
  • Ali Mahlodji, founder of Watchado and EU Youth Ambassador

  • Harald Krassnitzer, actor
  • Ingrid Brodnig, journalist and author
  • Franco Foda, Team Principal of the Austrian Football Association
  • Manfred Wiesinger, user of the Stop Corona app

Break chains of infection quickly

The app makes it much easier to trace the contacts of infected people. In this way, time can be gained, those who may be affected can react more quickly and the chains of infection are interrupted much earlier.

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