Macintosh 1984: PC and technology portal with a knowledgeable homage


The Apple Macintosh was the decisive breakthrough in 1984 for the then pure computer company from Cupertino – there is now an appreciation from an unfamiliar place.

In its always very interesting Sunday series C: B_retro , the naming of which is very reminiscent of PC drives and file names, the tech magazine Computerbase from Berlin looks back this time on the early Macintosh and speaks of it as the ”successor to no less legendary but unsuccessful Apple Lisa ”. Here, where people usually like to look back on earlier epoch-making graphics cards for PCs, games or computers on other platforms, this time Apple is the focus.

“On January 24, 1984, legends were among themselves and the legendary Apple co-founder Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh 128k, the no less legendary first Mac ever,” it says. At the time, it was the first personal computer with a graphical user interface for at least 2495 US dollars, writes author Sven Bauduin. Converted to purchasing power today, that would correspond to around 4200 euros. The background to the development of the first graphical user interface with mouse operation by Xerox and their first workstation from 1973 are also clearly mentioned. There are detailed specifications from the processor to the display to the first operating system and finder. In addition, beautiful product and screenshots as well as various short videos that, among other things, praise the advantages of MacPaint at the time (“If you compare the functionality of MacPaint 1.0 and the resulting possibilities with MS Paint, for example, it quickly becomes clear how far Apple’s operating concept and Application programs were ahead of their time ”). And of course the legendary “1984” commercial by Ridley Scott is also included. The further developments to Macintosh Plus or the first laptop from Apple, the weighty Macintosh Portable, will not be forgotten either.

For die-hard Mac users there is certainly nothing new – nevertheless a beautiful and noteworthy homage from “the other side” of the computer world.

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