Maite Kelly and Roland Kaiser: speculation about Schlager love? Now he finally breaks his silence


Roland Kaiser and Maite Kelly are successful as a duet.

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Maite Kelly and Roland Kaiser harmonize perfectly on stage. Is there something going on privately with pop stars? The cult singer takes a clear position.

  • When Roland Kaiser sings with Maite Kelly, it seems very familiar.
  • Hence, wild rumors arose about the singing duo.
  • Now the pop star takes a stand.

Munich – Landed in 2016 Maite Kelly and Roland Kaiser with their common Song “Why didn’t you say no” a huge one Hit. The duet of the Schlager veteran and the member of Kelly Family came to the Fans super an.

The two Stars harmonized on the stage splendid. To this day, Kaiser and Kelly appear again and again with their successful song. The Schlager fans love the singing couple.

And because the 68-year-old and his 28-year-old colleague are with theirs Appearances showed so harmoniously, came Rumors on. Is there something going on between the two of them privately?

Pop star Roland Kaiser: rumors of affair with Maite Kelly “absurd”

Roland Kaiser, who recently had to end his tour, made it clear. “It’s absurd,” he annoyed Singer in the Superillu about giving him a affair was sealed with Kelly. β€œMaite and I work together, she is a wonderful woman – and also friends with my wife. So, total nonsense! We laugh at the rumors. “

Even if Kaiser and Kelly have a close connection, the real one support the singer is his Wife Silvia. With her is that Pop star happily married for around 24 years. The couple have a son and a daughter.

His wife was able to follow Kaiser’s great successes up close. This happiness was different important woman not granted in the life of the artist.

Video: Schlager star Roland Kaiser – This is how he used to look

Roland Kaiser: The pop star’s adoptive mother died early

Became emperor adopted as an infant and grew up at one Foster mother on. She passed away when he was a teenager. β€œI was 15 when my mother died. When I had my first gig in the 70s, she was long dead, ”said Kaiser.

She did not live to see her son’s rise to a pop star. This depresses Kaiser again and again: “Of course, I have moments when I think it would be nice if she had noticed my success.” (kh)

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