Malfunction at Vodafone: Some problems not resolved – Over 100,000 customers without a connection


After massive network disruptions at Vodafone, over 100,000 customers still have no connection. Some problems with Vodafone have not yet been resolved.

  • With the internet and mobile phone provider Vodafone to have massive disturbances annoyed numerous customers.
  • about 100.000 Customers lament a lack of connection.
  • Loud Vodafone are some Problems still not fixed.

Update from Tuesday, November 24th, 2020, 12.12 p.m .: As Vodafone via the service page on Twitter, there may still be problems due to the massive disruption on Monday (23.11.2020). It can happen that “the mobile hotspot does not work with IOS devices.” Help promises Vodafone Germany about the Network settings – these should reset those affected.

After massive network disruption at Vodafone: Company announces reasons

Update from Tuesday, November 24th, 2020, 11:18 am: After a national disorder of Cellular network came from Vodafone, new details are now known for the reasons for this massive disruption.

According to one Twitter post the official corporate communications of Vodafone Was it the “failure of a central control element” for the locations in Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Berlin. Customers who were affected by the disruption could no longer log into the mobile network and establish a data connection from around 1:50 p.m.

As the company announced, customers were brought into the network in a controlled manner from 3:30 p.m., so that traffic normalized around 5 p.m. “The network elements are observed very closely during the night and on Tuesday morning,” it continued to say Vodafone. Of the nationwide disruption were more than 100,000 customers affected.

Vodafone disruption causes massive network outages nationwide: The company has good news

Update from Monday, November 23rd, 2020, 8:27 p.m .: Vodafone-Germany has apparently made it. The company reports on its own reporting page that the Disruptions have now been resolved. Accordingly, the areas should mobile data and Telephony (2G / 3G / 4G) work smoothly again.

“The restrictions could be remedied, the services are available again, ”is the current message with the time stamp at 8 pm. The company apologizes to customers for the inconvenience. * At this point it was stated earlier that Vodafone would not have stated the reasons for the malfunction, this is not correct. Please excuse the mistake.

Major Internet glitch at Vodafone: first improvements in some areas

Update from Monday, November 23rd, 2020, 6:54 p.m .: Vodafone seems to be slowly getting the problem under control. The error messages go according to the Reporting page in many areas further and further back. Users also report on Twitter that the Vodafone Internet is running smoothly again in some places.

However, this is clearly not the case in all affected areas in Germany. Vodafone has not given any information about the reasons for the disruptions.

Update from Monday, November 23rd, 2020, 4:54 p.m .: The Vodafone malfunction continues – and that throughout Germany. At around 3 pm, the consumer portal “” reported over 120,000 complaints. Some customers want to change providers, others are demanding compensation.

Especially metropolitan areas like Berlin, Kassel and Frankfurt are affected. Vodafone itself writes on Twitter: “We are working intensively on a solution.” It remains to be seen.

Fault at Vodafone: users complain online

First report from November 23, 2020: Kassel – With the network and telephone provider Vodafone there is apparently a nationwide Grid failure. Vodafone announced this on Twitter. On the consumer portal “”, customers complain about non-functioning mobile internet or no possibility of telephony.

All kinds of complaints from angry users have been appearing since 2 p.m. The network disruption seems to be different depending on the region. Several users report failures of the local WLAN. Others say that the SIM card of their smartphone is recognized as no longer set up.

Network disruption at Vodafone: There are outages nationwide

Vodafone even posted on Twitter via Major fault reacts: “There are currently supra-regional failures in the use of mobile data 4G / LTE. We are working intensively on a solution and will give you regular updates here. ”All services are affected. It remains to be seen when the fault will be rectified.

Since last year also belongs Unitymedia to the company. Due to the nationwide disruption, customers of this provider must also expect network failures.

On Monday (November 23rd, 2020) there was a nationwide disruption of the Vodafone network. The company has now announced the reasons.

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Nationwide disruption at Vodafone: users in the home office lost

Especially in times of Corona, a supra-regional network disruption is annoying. Due to the pandemic, many people are working from home. Universities also mainly teach digitally. It’s not for nothing that a stable internet connection is particularly important. (By Marvin Ziegele and Karolin Schaefer)

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